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        The AMD A10-5800K APU hasn't been in the lead in any benchmark yet, but here we can see that it excels in graphics and had an overall score in Fire Strike of 1098, which is 20% faster than the new Intel Core i7-4770K processor. by Legit Reviews (Jun, 2013
        The Intel i7-3770K performs 1% faster when running memory-intensive tasks. The i7-3770K is not "locked". The processor can be freely overclocked on most motherboards to ... Detailed side by side comparison of Intel i7-3770 vs Intel Core i7-3770K specs can
    Sandy Bridge-E、i7 3930K/3960Xとi7 2700K/3770Kとの性能比較をしてみました。 ... 現在主要となるCPUの性能比較をしてみました。ハイエンドのLGA2011からはi7 3820/3930K/3960X、LGA1155からはi3 2100/i5 2400/2500/3570K/i7 2700K/3770Kで、使用したのは3D ......
    i7 2600K VS. i7 3770K im Cinebench Prozessorbenchmark. Website Facebook ......
    i7 4770K 4C8T at 3.5GHz i7 3770K 4C8T at 3.5GHz MB(LGA1150) - Gigabyte Z87X OC MB(KGA1155) - Gigabyte Z77X UD3H G.Skill TridentX 2800 at 2133MHz Cl9 11-11-28 1T Win 7 ultimate 64bit patched no TURBO for both Benchmarks SuperPi 1m Cinebench R11.5 7-Zip Wpr...
    Good day everyone ! I previously owned ASUS G73SW so I'm gonna build my first gaming PC. I need some advice which is the best between 3770K and 3930K, I know they're ......
    Especially gamer see themselves confronted with the question which is the best CPU for their system from a performance as well as a price perspective. For the upcoming weeks we planed a series of articles, where we compare the gaming performance of two CP...
    Hello, I would like to know if there is any other difference betweeen these 2 CPUs, other than that the 3770K unlocked is for overclocking and has 100Mhz more? ... logainofhades, could you people please STOP trolling like this? You consider a post for its...
    In single-threaded applications, the Intel Core i7-3770K has 7% better performance. In multi-threaded programs, the processor is 8% faster. ... Detailed side by side comparison of Intel Core i7-2600K vs Intel i7-3770K specs can be found in the "Specificat...
    summary Core i7 3820 vs 3770K Clock speed 3.6 GHz 3.5 GHz Turbo clock speed 3.8 GHz 3.9 GHz Cores Quad core Quad core Socket type LGA 2011 LGA 1155 Is unlocked Yes Yes Is hyperthreaded Yes Yes features Has a NX bit Yes Yes Supports ......