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      This is a continuation of the original thread started in 2006 by granodemostasa, who has consented to let me take it over. All currently-available DACs on the market are ... DAC: Analog Devices AD1852 USB receiver chip: Burr-Brown PCM2707 Digital receiver
      EL2244:音色中性,音场比较宽,高频还可以,中频音乐味差。 ... OPA2604:感觉象5532的升级版,各方面都有很大提高,解析力不错,音乐味更好,有胆味,声底属于 ...
Semiconductor and electronic component part search engine. Mop Search...
DR. DAC2 DX: Review by Headfonia - The Headphone Enthusiast's Website ... No wonder that this DR. DAC2 DX sounds differ than the other DR. DAC… because I believe they are OEM'd from different companies. The other Dr. DAC seems OEMed from Jineung ......
Burson’s Supreme Sound Virtual Op-Amp The core of our research and development, our evolving design DNA, is the Burson output stage. It reduces distortion across the entire audio frequency band and it’s the basis of the Burson sound that many believe to b...
With a name like Zenkudo it should be pretty obvious what this one is based (very closely) on. It's a great sounding circuit though and at least Mr Tanabe hasn't (as far as I know) said it's a totally unique product based on 2 man-years worth of R&D or ot...
Downloads Please Click Here MOTU Setup Below When using Joemeek products with MOTU products, you need to set up the MOTU carefully. Work through the MOTU Audio Setup software following all the procedures outlined below. Here we use the MOTU ......
VIRTUAL GROUND VS REAL GROUND: I recently tested the popular AMB DIY Mini3 and was disappointed in the performance. The Mini3’s virtual ground was intended to be an improvement on a classic Cmoy but creates serious new problems. I wondered how a ......
Because a few milliwatts will drive headphones to full volume, a great headphone amplifier design can be relatively simple. Yet, there are any number of reasons for experimenting with more complex topologies, such as improved performance and the ability t...
Miro, would you mind also putting together a vero for the crazier version of the Blue Box, the original script logo version with two LM741s? It has a certain something where it tracks worse and thus produces crazier results. Link to a populated pcb (that ...