Apple 香港千人齊撐: 公開信尋求 Tim Cook 支援

Apple 香港千人齊撐: 公開信尋求 Tim Cook 支援
香港今天很多人罷工罷課,Apple 香港雖然照常運作,但一眾員工也有出一分力。有香港 Apple 員工透露,今早全體約一千名員工聯署向總裁 Tim Cook 發信,希望得到他幫助。
信中表示香港人因為爭取人權和民主而受到暴力對待,各界已展開罷工罷課等行動。他們表示作為 Apple 的一份子,希望 Tim Cook 和 Apple 這間最著重人道和最受尊重的公司,能夠支援這次行動。部分 Apple 員工今天亦戴上黃絲帶上班,以示支持。
“I am ______, an employee of Apple Store (branch).
The people of Hong Kong is now under the violent treatment of the Central government, while fighting for the human rights and democracy of Hong Kong. Countless citizens and students have been fighting in the streets for many consecutive days.
To save the endangered future of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Federation of Students is going to suspend classes, markets and work.
I, as an employee of Apple Retail, am pledging Tim Cook and Apple, the most humanised and the most respectful company, to support and help our civil disobedience campaign, and also to respond to the fight of Hong Kong people.”
source AppleDaily
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