Kodak 推出 "即看即所得" 的數位相機


What you see is what you get" Viewfinder - Now you can take that photo at the exact moment you see that special scene.

Don't try this while driving as objects may be closer than they appear.

即看即所拍. 你所看到的就是你所拍出來的東東...

Facial Recall Assistant - We have all been there...you are at a party, "I know her. Oh, geesh, she is coming this way...Hello, er, um..."

How embarassing. Well, worry no more. This handy feature connects to a customizable "BFF file" connected to your Facebook page.

Go to parties and reunions with confidence! Hello Marci, long time no see! Like my stylin' new specs?

內建臉孔辨識人工智慧. 再也不用費心記人名了.

Image Stabilizer - After a glass of wine or two, this feature will ensure that all of your photos are razor sharp,

maybe even sharper than you remember. Our patented "I love you man Gyro Adjuster" was tested at numerous focus groups and it worked perfectly...I think.

體振裝置, 確保影像清晰銳利

Isn't the design captivating? Our engineers worked very hard to come up with a look that is hardly noticeable from regular eye glasses.

Fashionistas everywhere will be clamoring for this accessory to wear at red-carpet events. Okay, back to the features...

Selective Auto-Focus & Zoom - See something you like? Just look, focus, zoom & snap! This is a new feature so use it wisely.

It might get you in trouble at the beach so practice at home first.

對焦, 拉遠近, 喀擦....可以完全由眼睛控制.

Wink and Shoot Shutter
- Taking photos is now as easy as a winking! We use our patented eyeVu technology to activate only on a wink, not a blink.

When you have a cold and are sneezing it is advised you not wear your KODAK eyeCamera 4.1 or you will get pictures of your feet (think about it).

eyeVu 科技.....眨眼即照相.    決定的瞬間,  發現精彩畫面時只要眨眼立刻拍下, 絕不錯過.

Digital X-Ray Vision - No way? Yes way! In partnership with the Superman Corporation located in the Fortress of Solitude,

we co-developed this amazing feature at a bargain price. But remember, even though you will be able to see through walls

and closed doors you will not be able to walk through them.

不僅能夠夜視, 還可以穿牆透視 !

Panoramic Mode - Achieved merely by employing classic Kodak ease-of-use and turning one's head 360- degrees

只要頭轉一圈, 輕鬆完成全景 360 度攝影

The KODAK eyeCamera 4.1 is social media compatible so you will be able to stream your life 24x7!

Easy photo uploads to Facebook, Flickr, KODAK Gallery, and Twitter are a snap. Now you can impress your friends with an endless stream of photos

to accompany the running commentary of text updates you currently provide.

But wait, there's more! The KODAK eyeCamera 4.1 comes with a ton of cool accessories too.

有各種周邊可以搭配, 例如這個望遠鏡頭 ( 會不會太重啊 ? )

以前看過一部動漫叫做 "午夜之眼"

Kodak 推出

主角的眼睛是一部微電腦, 可以與全世界的電腦連線, 做雲端運算等等....

將來也許每個人都會裝一顆也說不定 ?


科技始終來自人性, 科幻電影 銀翼殺手 ( Blade Runner ) 裡面的數位相機還可以記錄立體影像....

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