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        These standards detail performance specifications for LED light sources and prescribe test methods for solid-state lighting products. The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) published a documentary ...
        A very useful project of a 12V LED Lamp circuit. This led circuit is very simple consist of 5 resistors and 15 super bright white 5mm LEDs which are easily available now a days on very cheap prices. You can use any type of 12 volt battery with this circui
    The design of the LED night lamp circuit (bedroom light) is similar to that of many commercially available products. However, the light circuit does not us ... No problem with the 1M resistor –it is a safety bleeder to discharge the series capacitor when ...
    Convert a used CFL into a power saving LED lamp circuit that consumes only 50mA. This gadget can be used in applications like night light, table lamp etc ... Hi, I made the 2 nos. 5w LED bulb circuit as suggested by you. It worked well for some time, then...
    A simple usb LED lamp circuit using 5 volts power supply from usb port, which can be used to light a desktop or laptop computer during power failure. ... Hi Kailash add one more 1N4007 in series with D2 then the constant current output at Q1 collector wil...
    Here is a simple LED night light circuit which can be used as a room night lamp. The circuit is simple and can be built with few components. The circuit is using four LEDs to perform as a night lamp . You can use blue or white colour LEDs or any other col...
    This is the simple version of a white LED lamp that can be directly powered from mains. It can give ample light even for reading purpose. Capacitor Cx along with diodes D1 through D4 forms the AC step down circuit. Cx reduces high voltage AC from mains to...
    Transformerless circuit with 220V AC LED lamp is working . Half -polar LEDs 1 uF capacitor to run the transformer is used instead . High- voltage...
    The post explains an emergency light circuit using 1 watt LED and Li-ion cell ... The PNP transistor is held reversed biased as long as mains AC stays active, while the Li-Ion cell is charged gradually charged. In case the mains AC fails, the transistor s...
    This site is dedicated to all electronic hobbyists and professionals. Here you can post circuit related queries, have discussions and also publish your own homemade ... The post explains the construction of a homemade 10 watt LED lamp using 10 to 12 numbe...